5 Tips For Organizing And Conducting A Fundraising Auction

Limiting the starting bid to about 25-30% of the fair market value gives bidders the chance to win the item well below the market value. When bids are received, bidders make an emotional connection to the items they are interested in and are likely to bid higher than the original bar they set. While bidders can choose exactly how much they want to give for their items, they need to set the minimum price at which bids should be increased.

View sheets are useful for displaying items in an event and creating an item catalog. Anyone who has a link to your online auction can view it without having an account. The process is fast and very little information is required, as you can see on the account creation page.

You can view the list of admin controls, the auction link, and the auction QR code by logging in to the auction and clicking the Admin Controls button. In addition, the downloadable bid sheet file contains the printable auction QR code. Which data and reports can be downloaded or exported from the auction?

As an auction administrator, you will make numerous access requests and deter impulse bids. Sending thank you letters to winners from donors, sponsors and bidders is a proven method, as described in the guide to Silent auctions (close! / Thank). While we don’t currently offer a thank you message creation feature, custom thank you messages can be created using available data downloads with certain feature upgrades.

Participants in online auctions who are not able to participate in the live event have the opportunity to enter dealer bids, which they can comply with during the live event bidding. During the live event, you can still bid online for bidders by writing the bids on the bid sheets and making sure that the dealer’s bid limits are not exceeded. If you do not want to allow dealer bids, you can disable this option in the Advanced Settings section of the auction editing page. Instead, determine what the grantor will cost to provide the item, and determine its cost as the minimum price. Set a slightly higher starting offer, but do not set it so high that guests do not want to bid if the price is high.

Online live auctions have many additional advantages compared to personal auction sites. Instead of traveling long distances to the auction house, participants can bid on items from the comfort of their home. Online bidding systems can also offer unique features that are not normally possible in an auction house, such as automatic bidding and bidding on multiple items at the same time. Usually, organizations select the best silent auction items for the Super silent auction. Another strategy is to limit the number of live auction items and reassign some premium items in a very silent auction.

To prevent the highest bidder from charging a shipping fee for the item, you can set the shipping cost amounts to zero when adding or editing the item. In addition, you can specify in the item description that no shipping is offered for the item. Each auction item has shipping options with shipping cost amounts and a different item. The cost amount is the basic shipping cost and the amount of another item is the reduced shipping cost. The total shipping costs for each shipping option will be calculated on the invoice as follows. The cost amount is only used for one item, namely the item with the highest cost amount.

Collect online Payment allows you to easily collect payments and unlock a variety of payment methods to attract bidders, including credit cards, debit cards, PayPal accounts and more. Without the payment collection feature, you have to manually track payments, which you can do on the sales summary and invoices page of the highest bidder. Donor archiving removes them from the donor list, but they remain in all auction items that are displayed to silent auction ideas you at all auctions of the foundation. The donor is simply moved to the archived donor list page and does not appear in the donor selection list when items are added or edited. To archive a donor, click the Donor Management link in the Administrator Control menu, and then click the Donor Archiving link that you want to archive. This allows you to print bid sheets and bid sheets, as well as enter final sales information after the live event.