Attractions and Places Worth Visiting in Des Moines, IA

There are many places that attract tourists and are worth visiting in Des Moines, Iowa.

Terrace Hill is one of the national historical landmarks and the residence of the Governor of Iowa. This is the best representative of the architecture empire of the American Victorian era II. This luxury home was built in 1869 by the first millionaire of Iowa Benjamin F. Allen. It was restored at the end of the 18th century. It is located on 8 acres and has a renovated Victorian garden. The house overlooks downtown Des Moines. Tourists can visit this place from March to December, from Tuesday to Saturday.

In Des Moines there is a botanical center that is actually a gated garden with almost 15,000 exotic plants. It is one of the largest clusters of subtropical, tropical and desert plants in the Midwest. The botanical center is full of thousands of flowers that bloom here all year round. The open gardens are very beautiful and numerous. There is the Blanc Park zoo, which has a beautifully manicured zoological park with an area of 22 acres facing south. The main exhibits are the rainforest, Africa and the Australian hinterland. The zoo offers many services such as excursions, educational classes and rentals.

The Great Ape Trust was founded in Iowa for research with a campus that covers an area of about 230 acres and is home to bonobos and orangutans. The study included a non-destructive interdisciplinary study of the cognitive and communication skills of these types. The Trust also organizes very short tours for the public on pre-order on seasonal cornerstones.

The East Village is east of the Moine River. It starts on the riverbank and stretches five blocks east to the state Capitol. It creates a kind of electric mix of historic buildings with shops, restaurants, art galleries and even a huge number of retail enterprises combined with residential areas.

You could never miss Adventure Land Park. This is an amusement park near Altoona in northeast Des Moines. The amusement park offers a variety of shows, more than 100 rides and other attractions, including three large roller coasters. Outside the park there is a hotel and a campsite. Another well-known place to stay is the Alton-Prairie Meadows racecourse and casino. You can go there to gamble or enjoy and bet on horse racing. The casino and racecourse are open 24 hours a day all year round. There are live races, board games, 1750 slot machines, as well as concerts and shows for entertainment.

Also visit live history farms on the outskirts of Urbandale. It tells the stories of rural farming in the Midwest at an open-air museum that occupies about 500 acres. Translators dressed in historical costumes will brighten up the everyday routine of the law. It is open daily from May to October. The farm’s living history includes a 1700s Native American village in Iowa, a pioneer farm from the 1850s, a border town of 1875, and a 1900s horse ranch and a recent ranch.

Another attraction in Des Moines, Iowa, is Wallace’s home, where Henry Wallace first lived. He was a national leader known for his agriculture and conservation activities, and was the first editor of the Farmer Farm newspaper in Wallace. It is a renovated Italian Victorian house built in 1883. It showcases artifacts and reality that span nearly four generations of Henry Wallace and other members of his family. There is also a historic Jordan house in West Des Moines. It is an elegant Victorian house, built in 1850 and expanded in 1870 by the very first white settler James. C. Jordon in West Des Moines. The fully renovated residence is part of an underground railway with 16 antique rooms, a railway museum and a community registry in West Des Moines, another museum dedicated to the Iowa Underground Railroad.

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