Des Plaines Office Space


The town of De Plain in Cook County is a great place for business owners who want to open a retail store or rent commercial office space. Located near Chicago, those who open a store in Des Plaines can take advantage of local shoppers as well as those in the surrounding area, including Chicago.


The villagers appreciate the beauty of the city. The city had a population of 58,720 at the 2000 census. The median household income was $53,638 and the median household income was $65,806. Those who live here often work locally, but sometimes can travel to the city for work.

Business atmosphere

This village is located between many popular roads such as I-90 and I-290, and is close to O’Hare International Airport. This allows business owners, who rent or buy commercial offices here, to attract customers from all sides. Since many customers are traveling to your office, it is important to make sure they can easily reach you. Meta and Pace offer public transport options for those who prefer to travel this way. There are two international airports in the Chicago area near the hotel.

Other companies

There are a lot of big business and small businesses in this city. Some of the popular companies are UOP, Holy Family Medical Center, Juno Lighting, Sysco and Abbott Molecular. Some companies buy real estate in the city, while others prefer to rent out their commercial offices.

Things to do

Whether you love nature or prefer indoors, there is something for everyone in this village. The McDonald’s Museum is a unique place to visit, there is the Rivers Casino, which will open in the summer of 2011. Outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy the Plains Forest Preserve, Plains Park District and Mt. Prospect Park Neighborhoods.

Restaurants and shops in Des Plaines

This village is full of great restaurants and shops. As for food, the choice is really great. From American cuisine to gourmet national dishes, you’re sure to find the perfect place to eat. Shopping in the city is also included. Whether you need food, clothing, household items or any other goods and services, you will find them in this city.

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