Incorporate For Real Business Independence and Peace of Mind

Friends told you that your great idea would be a good thing … your own business in which you are fully responsible and accountable to yourself. After a serious day in the dreams of what this career choice entails, you take the plunge.

You’ve hung your “turtle” online or in front of the physical object of the American dream. You’ve prepared a business plan that will impress a Harvard graduate. You have a great market strategy. Customers have found the jewelry you have made and want to collaborate with you. Good luck, right? Maybe if you’re lucky. Now you need to protect it for your own financial independence and subsequent owners of your jewelry.

Integrate your business today.

This is the advice that a chartered accountant, tax lawyer or anyone who knows how to protect your business will give you. Most new business owners are not auditors or tax experts and prefer to eat frosted glass rather than solve more legal issues than necessary. Got it. Microsoft is a company. It’s a business. But your pearl factory in Des Moines should also be business.

Anyway, what is business?

“A company is a legal entity, a legal entity, a person who is a separate, separate and separate person from you. That’s not you. That’s not you. It is a separate legal or artificial person … completely separate. The corporation is a separate legal entity.” Nevada Business Network. Registration may not be on the to-do list of each new entrepreneur. That’s why it has to be. Taxes get the same tax breaks as the big boys. Trust in your customers your business is automatically considered more stable with Inc. or LLC in the title.

Trading credit is separate from your personal loan. A credit for a business is easier to obtain than for a private individual, and there is no need to rely on your personal assets to grow your business in the next few steps.

Limited liability.

“As a shareholder of the company, you can only be liable for the company’s debts if you have provided a personal guarantee.” Susan Ward, Your Business Guide, Canada

“One in four small businesses have been sued or threatened with legal action over the past five years. The chase goes every 2.08 seconds. A lawsuit can harm or deprive you of your livelihood by forcing you to close your doors. Unlimited life in the nevada business network. Patrick J. O’Neill, president of, writes, “Companies also tend to have an eternal life different from the lives of shareholders.” Healthy business can be passed on to an unlimited number of future generations.

Where to turn it on?

You don’t need to register your business in the state where you actually live. Each U.S. state has different registration rules, but there are certainly one or two that certainly have more advantages than the other. Delaware is one of them. Nevada is different. But be sure to read the others, as state rules can change, making states even more attractive to founders.

Business can be one of the biggest investments you’ve ever made. The best thing you can do to do this is invest in foundation protection.

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