What Is Microblading?? How Does It Work And What To Expect?

Microblading is an aesthetic treatment that darkens the pigment of the eyebrow and contours the eyebrow in the desired way. In general, you can expect your treatment results to last 18 to 30 months at a time, depending on your skin color, skin type, pigment receptivity and ideal aesthetic image. It also says that you should not use Retin-A or retinol products about a week before an appointment and 30 days after you have eyebrows, because those ingredients can cause the pigments to fade prematurely. Do not wet your eyebrows for a week or two while they heal and do not wear makeup on the area for at least a week. Once the skin has completely healed, it says it’s okay to go back to normal skin and makeup routine. Immediately after the treatment, the eyebrows will be darker and slightly red, but the redness and pigment will fade slightly as the eyebrows heal.

“If you benefit from an eyebrow pencil, you will benefit from microblading,” explains Aava. Microblading is the process of implanting cosmetic pigment into the skin mass with a manual tool to create the appearance of natural hair. The actual technique of implanting pigment permanent eyebrow makeup in fine incisions in the skin dates back thousands of years, but became popular with use in Asian eyebrows, with a tendency to plumage or embroidery. Later known as microblading, it is essentially a tattoo, but the use of a specialized and more delicate hand tools.

We only use the highest quality of cruelty / vegan pigments and sterile disposable needles. “Microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo technique that runs to create more complete and natural eyebrows,” said Nicole Prochnow, microblading expert at Ulmer Dermatology in Long Beach, California. Using a small hand micros√© blade, a technician makes hair-shaped blows to the basal layer of the epidermis .

Instead of using an electric machine as a tattoo gun, Microblading uses a pen-like hand tool to deposit the pigment in the skin. A “knife” consisting of small short acupuncture needles is used, hence the name “microblading”. Believe it or not, much of that time is spent planning the microblading procedure, determining the shape and color of the eyebrow and other details.

The color effect will fade over time, so adjustments may be needed to maintain the desired appearance. Once your skin is ready and ready, your technician will apply the pigment with the micro blade. It is applied to short strokes intended to replicate individual hairs. An eyebrow microblading procedure usually starts with a consultation with an aesthetician or cosmetologist. They will review the entire procedure and work with you to find the right color and shape.

Microblading is a semi-permanent form of make-up in which the hairs are tattooed on the eyebrows to create the shape and fullness of the ideal eyebrow. Your technician will describe how you want your micro-bladed eyebrows to look and then use a small portable tool with small needles to add pigment to your skin. Since microblading is a semi-permanent form of makeup, it doesn’t take as long as other eyebrow tattoo methods.

When it comes to beauty, eyebrows are more important than you think. Unlike traditional tattoos, microblading artists apply individual brush strokes at a very shallow depth. Each individual hair region can be mixed with the customer’s existing eyebrow hair. If you have too little or too little eyebrow hair, the results will appear more than 2D and you may need more than two sessions to achieve the desired results.