What Is The Best Pasta Maker For Your Money?

The best manual pasta makers have a legacy of traditional Italian craftsmanship behind them, and we took their sturdiness and how easy they were to use and clean into account. But other important features in pasta machines include an adjustment knob to customize your pasta’s thickness and sturdy material construction. This second feature ensures that your pasta maker will be durable, easy to clean and will last for the long term. Because of all of these considerations, we selected the Marcato 8320 Atlas 160 Machine as our Top Pick for the best pasta machine.

This kit also comes with a cleaning brush, and it’s surprisingly easy to open the hard protective cover to remove the dough stuck in the rollers and cutters. This machine perfects spaghetti, rigatoni, macaroni, fusilli, fettuccine, and bucatini with the six attached discs. But it can also knead up to one pound of bread dough to the ideal consistency without wearing out your hands and arms kneading on your countertop. Unlike your manual pasta maker, the classic Italian pasta shapes will come out consistently formed every time, since the machine determines the exact thickness. Philips Compact Pasta and Noodle Maker is an automatic pasta maker machine to utilize.

When I asked one of the pastai that I admire most—Yumhwa Lee, the private dining chef behind Benfatto95 in Singapore—which extruder he recommends, he zeroed in on Monferrina. Like in professional pasta machines, the dies are made of bronze, which creates a desirably rough texture that helps sauce cling to each noodle (teflon-coated inserts are also available for a smoother texture). This electric pasta maker attachment is perfect for people who are looking to make fresh, homemade noodles and pasta without any fuss. It’s easy to attach with no tools needed – just press in the 3 screws using a knife or coin and it’ll be tight every time. The fast kneading mechanism makes it easier to control than if you were doing manual stirring by hand. All that dough will come off easily from the special handle on top of the unit so there’s no need to worry about making a mess when assembled.

The three-piece set includes spaghetti and fettuccine cutters which both make very even cuts. Electric pasta makers require a power outlet and, depending on which you buy, can make long pastas, rounded shapes, or both. Some work like the manual versions and have a roller and a cutter, and others are extruders, which push out shapes that need to be cut, usually by hand. Automatic pasta makers are a type of electric pasta makers that mix the dough for you and extrude it when it’s the right consistency.

You’ll need to own the KitchenAid mixer to make use of this pasta machine, but if you do then we strongly advise you splash out on this Italian-made attachment set with three rollers. Kick off by using your KitchenAid to make your pasta dough – ours came out perfect every time – then attach the roller to create the thickness of pasta you need; there are eight thickness settings on offer. If you adjust the settings, and have the knack, it’s even possible to make angel hair pasta.

Manual machines, operated by a hand crank, are less expensive than electric and are ideal for thin sheets of dough or long, flat noodles. It’s a little awkward to feed the dough into the machine on one end, guide the pasta as it exits the other, and turn the hand crank OMRA Electric Tomato Squeezer at the same time, so it can be easier to operate a manual machine with two people. Some models, though, offer an optional motorized attachment that does the turning for you. You simply put the ingredients in, choose your pasta shape, and wait for your finished pasta.

This chromed and stainless steel pasta maker is non-stick, durable, and easy to clean, letting your dough slide down into the roller and cutter without tearing. It features an easy-turn handle and a strong clamp that prevents it from moving across the countertop as you work. If you’re looking for something very simple, affordable, and straightforward, this Unbranded pasta maker might be the easiest choice for you.